Fees & Payment

All of our teachers are fully qualified professional musicians and lessons here at Scilly Music School are taught in groups of between three and six students per class. The number of students in each class varies accordingly and is dependent upon the age, experience and ability of students, also the complexity of the music involved. Beginner groups are often larger classes in number because the information given to every student is the same and many of the exercises are repetitive in order to instill a good basis for technique at an early stage. The same is true of early graded classes as all of the students share the same oblective. Higher grades up to grade 5 are taught in smaller numbers to ensure the necessary attention to detail. Private one to one lessons are available for the advanced grades 6 - 8 only.

All lessons are payable in groups of 4 or 8 lessons.

Children under 12 :- £60...4 lessons


Ages 12 - 18         :- £64...4 lessons

Adults 18 +           :-£68... 4 lessons


All lessons are 55 minutes in duration. Please arrive a few minutes early.